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Born in 1981, Sadiqur Rahman grew up in Abhayapuri (Assam, India). He is a freelance nature and travel Photographer. Sadiqur is a completely self-taught photographer but believe to learn from every aspect of life. Ever since he was a child, it was a passion for him to unravel the mysteries of nature. His tryst with nature started with a trip to Shillong at the age of 14 years. He falls in love with nature to see the beauty of mountain life. Along with nature and travel photography he aspire that vivid cultures of North-East India and its cultural traditions reach to the rest of the world.

Photography is everything to him; sometimes photography is a hobby, sometimes an adventure and sometimes a profession, more than that photography is philosophy of life for him. He can see the unseen beauty in a very common thing through the view finder.

He says- “Moments never come back, scenes never stay still all the time, things changes with time. Whenever I felt it, I tried to catch the moments through my camera.”
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